Seriously, some of the shit i see on this pro ana tag are simply insulting and fucked up. Pretty girls don’t eat? Fuck you. If you have an actual eating disorder, do not encourage others to do the same. This is not a healthy way to think, people. It can fuck someone up.


Just sent a pro-anorexia blog a long, angry message. Think I swore a bit too much. I was very angry. Oh well.
I understand you have a problem and are ill, I understand a blog is for venting.
I will not stand for ‘anorexia tips’ and ‘thin commandments’ links, and advice on how…

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So Amanda Bynes’ mom says her behavior was caused by marijuana and not mental illness. OKAYYYYYYYY

Can someone explain the philosophy behind being pro ana? It seems kind of contradictory in a way.. people want to get better and are struggling yet support the disease? I dont understand. If i could get someone elses perspective that’d be great.

Also, ive had an eating disorder when i was 15-17 so i know what its like, but stilk dont understand promoting ED.